Starting Again

11 Mar

Week One of work and daycare was a success.  I enjoyed starting at a new jobsite at work, and E seemed to adjust well to the new daycare.  I think he was a bit overwhelmed with all the babies and activity.  Time with Mommy is boring compared to that!  As for this weekend, while Elliot and I played around the house, John was stuck in bed with the flu (or something similar!).  E and I are crossing our fingers, but so far, we’ve stayed healthy.  In the meantime, I have enjoyed some sunny and warm(ish) days out and about.

I wore almost this same outfit at the Texas Style Council last year, and frankly, I was a bit surprised it still fit!  In celebration of that, I decided it was worth a few outfit shots.

IMG_8165 (2)IMG_8183 (2)IMG_8177 (2)IMG_8185 (2)Shop the Look:

Booties (similar)

Dress (similar)

  • Shannon Olney

    You look gorgeous. Hot, hot mama!  Also, I think my wardrobe is missing some booties. Sometimes I feel self-conscious because I am fairly tall already and heels make me feel like a giant, but what the heck. You make them look so good. I am inspired.