Weekend Project: DIY Necklace Storage

5 Jul

From the sounds of it, most of you spent the 4th of July weekend at the beach or pool, barbequing and watching fireworks with family and friends.  I’m a bit jealous.  Not that we didn’t have a nice weekend (we did), but John and I live far from family and often miss out on the holiday traditions.  Instead, I decided to finish up a small project I’ve been working on for jewelry storage.  If you’re like me, then finding and detangling your jewelry is a daily annoyance.  I’ve been looking for a jewelry storage solution for awhile but wasn’t interested in an armoire or something that would make my jewelry “disappear”.  I wanted it to be able to display it in a neat but accessible form.  Plus, I didn’t want to pay a bunch of $$ (but you know that’s a given).  So one day while perusing Pinterest…Have you used Pinterest?  It’s a visual way to display internet bookmarks, and I’m in love with it—you can follow me here! If you want an invite, just let me know!  Anyway, I found this.  It fit the bill and was easy-peasy to implement.

The inspiration

{Full Measure of Happiness}

My original jewelry storage solution

So, a forlorn corner of my bedroom…

turned into…

I added some trinket boxes that we had around the house (that I never knew what to do with), and voila!  A place for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to be on display!  I knew it was a keeper when husband commented, “I was skeptical at first, but I really like how this turned out.”  Yup, we have a winner!  I may swap out the picture for a mirror to make it fully functional, but it’s already been working great!  So for all of you that grab jewelry as you run out the door, this is for YOU!

And for those of you who noticed the lint rollers in several photos…it’s true.  We stock them everywhere.  With 3 cats, they are a girl’s best friend.

  • Shannon

    What a great idea!! I love it.

  • Stephanie

    I love this!!!! It looks amazing and your camera takes awesome pictures. What kind is it?

  • http://laurenzietsman.wordpress.com Lauren Zietsman

    it turned out perfectly! isn’t it so nice to be able to pick and choose easily from your necklaces instead of having to root through them all to find one? :)

  • Elya

    I love this idea! I have nowhere to put my necklaces…hmmm I wonder if I can get away with something like this with the hubs lol

  • Judi

    Wow, that did turn out great. It gives more visibility than the two wooden pegs I use. Mine still get tangled since I have multiples on the same peg. I think it would work in our bedroom too! Good job!

    • http://engineeredstyledotcom.wordpress.com Jenni

      Ah yes, I know the wooden pegs you use. This would be a much less tangled solution!

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  • Lorena

    Wow what a great idea.
    It not only looks good but is totally functional !
    I have 3 drawers dedicated to necklaces and rings and such – it is a pain trying to find something.

  • http://www.pixieinpumps.com Pixie in Pumps

    I love this idea… and what a clever use of what looks like an extremely awkward corner in your room.

    • http://engineeredstyledotcom.wordpress.com Jenni

      Awkward is right! There are several spaces in our house that I assume are to display knick-knacks…considering we are not knick-knack people, I think we’ll be slowly filling them with useful features. :)


  • Firesparx

    Thanks for passing on the fabulous idea! I am so doing this behind my closet door, but for my belts. Instead of a towel bar I think I’m going to use a utensil rail (you know, that rail that people hang on their back splashes in the kitchen for utensils.) I think a utensil rail will be shallower than a towel bar, which is needed if I’m putting it behind a door. Belts will be much prettier on it than utensils!

  • http://joggingmymemory.com/blog/julia Julia

    I LOVE this idea! I’m glad you shared it! And like someone else mentioned, it would work for so many other accessories as well! Now to convince Tyler to put one up in our new apartment!

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